Growers Garden at Circular Economy Hotspot Scotland


On 1st November 2018 our Growers had the honour of attending the Circular Economy Hotspot Scotland event in Glasgow. Hosted by Zero Waste Scotland, CE Hotspot Scotland provided a major stage on which to showcase Scotland's progressive approach to developing a circular economy.

What is a Circular Economy?

In essence, a ‘circular economy’ is a system in which the resources used, as well as the waste, emissions, and energy expended, are all minimized. This can be achieved using long-lasting design, repair, reuse, refurbishing, recycling etc. In contrast, a ‘linear economy’ uses a non-sustainable and environmentally unfriendly 'take, make, dispose' system.

About CE Hotspot Scotland

Following last year’s World Economic Forum, where Scotland received the award for Circular Economy Nations and Regions at the prestigious 2017 Circulars Awards, the CE Hotspot Scotland 2018 showcased Scotland's award-winning progress and circular economy businesses. Growers Garden was extremely proud to be among them.

Circular Economy Hotspot Scotland gave us the opportunity to connect with over 400 delegates from 20 countries; sampling our Broccoli Crisps and discussing how Growers Garden’s sustainable snacks and farming practices align with Scotland’s Circular Economy vision, as well as that of the rest of the world. It was wonderful to meet so many people as passionate about sustainability and eliminating waste as our Growers.

Following the success of Circular Economy Hotspot Scotland, we are excited to see what is to come in the 12 months leading up to the CE Hotspot Belgium event in 2019. We hope that it is a year full of sustainable success, both for ourselves, but also the other circular Scottish businesses who were in attendance; Thistly Cross Cider, Jaw Brew, Ogilvy Spirits, Isle of Mull Cheese, and MacLean’s Highland Bakery.

The key to future success

In order for a circular economy to be successful it takes innovation, reinventing existing linear systems and extending product lifecycles. At Growers Garden, we use innovation to ensure none of the hero veg from our fields goes to waste; creating our Broccoli Crisps as an alternate use for previously unwanted over and undersized veg. This is an early step in the right direction, which we hope to grow into a much larger journey towards a sustainable future.