Making our sustainable snacks


No waste, all taste.

We don’t believe in food waste, so we reduce it right from the raw material stage. You see, the wonky, oversized and undersized vegetables that might not make it to the front of the supermarket shelves are just as delicious as the perfectly formed ones that do. And when we say we use fresh broccoli, we mean it - stalks, leaves and florets – it’s all good stuff.

Minimising waste is just as important in the production process that follows. At the point when the crisps are stamped to create the delicious little circles, we feed the offcuts back into the mixture to make even more new broccoli crisps. 


The final stage is packaging which we are always looking to make more environmentally and economically efficient. Some supermarkets have stations where you can return the packaging for recycling – so check your local supermarket to see if they do. In the meantime, we are continuing to innovate to make our snacks as 100% sustainable as they are 100% delicious.

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