Growers Garden – the seeds of our success


Where it all began

Growers Garden started as a collective of 16 farming families who have been growing vegetables for over four generations in the east of Scotland, but now we include growers from Perthshire and the Borders too. What unites all of us is a passion and commitment to farm sustainably and responsibly, and that’s what led to the creation of our fresh broccoli crisps.

At Growers Garden we’re all about what’s good. Good snacks, made from good ingredients, for good times, all while following the good practices of sustainable farming and eliminating food waste. And that’s why, when we started, we teamed up with the awesome guys and gals at LEAF; to protect the environment that has given us so much by helping them eliminate waste and promote sustainable farming practices across the industry.


LEAF’s vision is for a world where we are farming, eating, and living sustainably. Global agriculture is facing its greatest ever challenge; to provide food for a growing population, with enough nutrition to ensure human health, while protecting the environment in which it is grown.

This is a huge task, and LEAF is engaging farmers, the food industry, scientists, and consumers to make it possible. Our farmers are proud to be a part of the movement to eliminate food waste and promote sustainable farming; creating Growers Garden for all the snackers who share our passion for reducing food waste, protecting the environment, and eating crisps.