Scottish Enterprise: Broccoli Innovation


At Growers Garden, a huge part of what gets us up (so early) in the morning is the desire to have a positive impact on food waste. We always want to make the most of what our land provides us with, and that means finding a purpose for our entire broccoli harvest.

Saving the nation’s favourite veg

Sadly, each year a great deal of ‘ugly’ broccoli goes unwanted by retailers. Finding a solution to this is what inspired us to create our innovative broccoli crisps. We’re proud to turn our ‘wonky broccoli’ into these delicious healthy snacks; preventing tonnes of fresh vegetables from turning into food waste each year. After all, that’s no way for our ‘Hero Veg’ (and the nation’s favourite) to be treated, is it?

Growing awareness

We were thrilled to be recognised recently in the media for our sustainability efforts. In an industry news piece last month, Scottish Enterprise highlighted several food innovators, including Growers Garden, who have found creative uses for broccoli deemed not ‘pretty’ enough for supermarket shelves.

It was a great boost to everyone down on the farms to be acknowledged by advocates of innovation such as Scottish Enterprise, and for our healthy snacks to be listed alongside other great new broccoli products from around the world, such as the Broccolatte!

Developed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Australia, Broccolatte is a broccoli-based powder that can add value to your morning coffee, post-gym shake, and more; claiming two tablespoons are equal to one portion of broccoli.

A quick and interesting read, the full Scottish Enterprise article on broccoli innovation, sustainability, and emerging products can be found here: Is Scotland making the most out of its broccoli harvest?