Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2018


The growers have all arrived home safe after a successful Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2018. It was the first UK trade show for Growers Garden, and what a show it was. Running from 2nd to 4th September, the event at Olympia London is estimated to have drawn more than 9000 visitors.

Growing global:

We had an amazing time engaging with contacts from key markets including North America, Scandinavia, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. From major retail buyers to social media influencers, everyone had arrived in London to see the latest innovations and emerging trends in food and drink, and our broccoli crisps were right in the thick of it.

From the story of real farmers fighting food waste with sustainable snacks, to the broccoli crisps themselves, the response to the brand and products was incredible. And with ‘free-from’ and ‘vegan’ being highly prominent at this year’s show, our all-natural, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly flavours were generating great buzz in the right areas.

Making broccoli famous:

Our big, bold, and bright green exhibition stand drew a lot of attention at the show. Word of mouth spread quickly among retailers, wholesalers, exporters and consumers alike; and it wasn’t long until the press stopped by too.

Growers Garden received fantastic media coverage at Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2018. The Food Business (Reby Media) came down to interview the team after identifying our broccoli crisps as one of the ‘5 Most Innovative Products’ at the show.

This accolade was backed up by The Grocer, who went on to highlight Growers Garden among the ‘5 Key Trends’ at Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2018.

Finally, Suzanne George, Commercial Director for Growers Garden, was interviewed by some of the Irish media at the event, sending news of our broccoli crisps back to the emerald isle.

What’s next:

Everyone at the show was so positive that we can’t wait to bring our broccoli crisps to consumers across the country. Thankfully we made great new contacts among buyers at the event, who we look forward to working with to make this happen. Lastly, we want to wish the very best to all the other exhibitors who we met in London. There were some truly delicious products on offer. Who knows, maybe some of us will be working together on future food and drink innovations.